JFAC Chair

Brian Coogan, Community Member-              bcoogan5@gmail.com 

Amherst Building and Grounds Chair

Shannon Gascoyne, Community Member- sgascoyne@sau39.org

Mont Vernon Building and Grounds Chair

Sarah Lawrence, Mont Vernon Board Member- slawrence@sau39.org 

Souhegan Building and Grounds Chair

Lisa Eastland, Community Member-              leastland@sau39.org


Rick Barnes, Community Member

John Bowkett, Community Member​

Steve Chamberlin, SAU 39 Interim Superintendent

Kyle Coffey, Community Member

John D’Angelo, Liaison to the Board of Selectmen

Amy Facey, SAU 39 Business Administrator

Tom Gauthier, Amherst School Board Chair​

John Glover, Souhegan School Board Member, Amherst

Christine Grayson, Community Member​

Pim Grondstra, Souhegan School Board Member, Mont Vernon

​Jeanne Ludt, Community Member​

Victoria Parisi, Amherst School Board Vice-Chair

Roger Preston, SAU 39 Director of Facilities​

Steven Valley, Community Member

Dan Veilleux, Souhegan School Board Member, Amherst




The SAU 39 Joint Facilities Advisory Committee was appointed and tasked by the SAU 39 School Board with conducting an analysis of the state of public education facilities in Amherst and Mont Vernon.  The committee is broken into district specific Building & Grounds subcommittees who focus on their district and bring their work back to the larger group. JFAC works to provide recommendations to the governing bodies (Amherst School Board, Mont Vernon School Board, and Souhegan Cooperative School Board) regarding the interim and long-term facilities needs of the public-school facilities in Amherst and Mont Vernon, taking into account educational outcomes and how to best level the cost impact to residents.

The Committee is working with the SAU, School Boards, the Architectural Firm of Banwell Architects https://www.banwellarchitects.com/ , the Construction Management firm of DEW Construction https://dewconstruction.com/ , and the the Civil Engineering firm of Tighe & Bond Civil/Site Planning & Design – Tighe & Bond (tighebond.com).  All firms have extensive experience in public school design, site planning, and construction. 

Banwell Architects              DEW Construction

Bradford Prescott, AIA
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Ingrid Nichols, AIA, LAP
Principal in Charge/Design Principal
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DEW Construction