JFAC Recommendations for Amherst Schools

After evaluating the options in detail, the following represent the recommendations of the Joint Facilities Advisory Committee.

Build New

Build New Elementary School

A new building to be constructed on the Wilkins lot behind the current Wilkins school.  The new facility will house Pre-K through 5th Grade.


Plan Overview
  • Creates State of the Art Ideal Space
  • Cost Prohibitive
  • Doesn’t take advantage of existing facility

Renovate / Refurbish AMS

Improve current AMS with significant renovations and repairs resulting in a completely new interior using the existing building structure.


Plan Overview
  • Addresses all items in the
    “Kick the Can” Scenario
  • Renovates the Triangle Classrooms to usable adequately sized classrooms
  • Creates Great Education Space
  • Creates “Like New” facility
  • Creates Missing Special Educ. Areas
  • Creates Missing Collaboration Areas
  • Creates Secure Entrance
  • Relocates 5th Grade to Elementary School
  • Can be Phased with Elementary School project
Kick the Can

Partial Renovation SHS

Make the bare minimum critical repairs as needed and revisit the facility needs in the future.  SHS is a younger building (1991 & 2002 annex) and


Plan Overview
  • Science Labs
  • Secure Front Entrance
  • Locker Rooms