SAU39 - Amherst, NH

Recommendations - Amherst Elementary School

The Future of the Amherst Elementary School

Draft Design Recommendation Accepted by Amherst School Board – September 2021

After spending time with both draft designs from Banwell Architects for Clark-Wilkins, the Joint Facilities Advisory Committee voted unanimously to recommend Option C to the Amherst School Board.  This option expands on to the existing Multi-Purpose room, includes a proper gym, 7 classrooms per grade for K-5, and is a two-story building.  The Amherst School Board accepted the recommendation and the team is moving forward with securing cost estimates.  The estimates are expected to come in well under the original 2020 proposal.

2021 Program Specifications & 2020 Masterplan Comparison

Detailed program specifications from Banwell Architects on enrollment and square footage allocations for the various programs at Amherst Elementary School with comparison to the 2020 Masterplan data.

Previous Elementary School Costs & Recommendations

Banwell Architects has been hired to refine the initial draft plans.  If you are interested in reviewing the initial recommendation and cost estimates for comparison, they are available here.