Current Conditions at Amherst Middle School

AMS has suffered water damage over the last several years due to end of life roofing and HVAC units. At the public hearing on October 20, 2022, the Amherst School Board supported the expenditure of fees associated with the planning phase of roof and HVAC repairs at Amherst Middle Schools. The administration and Amherst Building and Grounds (part of JFAC) will now gather and discuss information to present to the Board in the spring of 2023. Subsequent meeting updates discussed testing of the current roof and that the roof replacement will likely be completed in phases, beginning with the original roof sections, and may be funded through the planned savings in the capital reserve fund. 

 Current Key Issues

  • Poor HVAC systems cause erratic temperature swings from room to room
  • End of life unit ventilator systems beginning to fail
  • Broken moveable classroom partitions are expensive to replace
  • Significant water leakage through several parts of the roof/ceiling during rain
  • Lack of adequate & necessary special education space
  • Gymnasium too small for current student population during assemblies
  • Overcrowded with 5th grade housed here
  • Poor access to power due to moveable partitions
  • Acoustic separation issues
  • Lacking classroom space to accommodate target class sizes
  • Irregular shaped classrooms are difficult to teach in using today’s educational methodology and class size

Upcoming Key Issues

  • HVAC: Through-wall unit ventilators are inefficient and nearing end-of-life (4-6 years max), and should be replaced with modern, ducted air systems. New systems would be energy efficient.
  • Boilers are 11 years old and can be re-used for another 14 years
  • All electrical systems are at end-of-life and inadequate for a modern technology rich school environment and should be replaced
  • Emergency electrical systems are at end-of-life and should be replaced with new systems
  • Lighting is at end-of-life, not energy-efficient, and should be replaced.
  • Programming to be determined by space
  • Space to determine programming due to inadequate classroom space

AMS Current Conditions Gallery 2021

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