SAU39 - Amherst, NH

Amherst Middle School Current Conditions

The current status and key issues

AMS Current Conditions Gallery

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 Current Key Issues

  • Poor HVAC systems cause erratic temperature swings from room to room
  • Irregular shaped classrooms are difficult to teach in
  • Classrooms are undersized
  • Broken moveable classroom partitions
  • Significant water leakage through lobby ceiling during rain
  • Lack of necessary Special Education space
  • Gymnasium too small for current student population during assemblies
  • Acoustic separation issues
  • Poor electrical and access to power
  • Missing 1 classroom per grade to accommodate target class sizes
  • Overcrowded with with 5th grade housed here

Upcoming Key Issues

  • Class size
  • HVAC
  • Through-wall unit ventilators are inefficient and nearing end-of-life (5-7 years max), and should be replaced with modern, ducted air systems.
  • Boilers are 10 years old, and can be re-used for another 15 years
  • All electrical systems are at end-of-life and inadequate for a modern technology rich school environment and should be replaced
  • Emergency electrical systems are at end-of-life and should be replaced with new systems
  • Lighting is at end-of-life, not energy-efficient, and should be replaced.